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DIY Balloon Garland Kits

These easy-to-assemble balloon garland kits are vibrant and impactful, suitable for birthday parties, baby showers and gender reveal celebrations. There are loads of colour palettes to suit any party decoration theme you can think of. They also perfectly complement our Party in the Box decoration packs. 
Each all-inclusive kit contains absolutely everything you need to assemble the balloon garlands: best quality latex balloons in large, regular and small sizes, balloon decorating strip, glue dots for mini balloons, balloon shine spray, dual action air pump and more... It’s super easy and you would need between 30 - 75 minutes, depending on the chosen size and how many people are helping. The air pump inflates twice as fast as standard balloon pumps so your balloon decorations will be inflated in next to no time.
Please note that we are the only store that sends the Shine Spray together in the kits. This helps you not only have brighter and shinier balloons but to also be able to put the garland up the day before and continue to have beautiful balloons as they were just inflated.
Our balloons are of the highest quality because they are made from 100% natural, biodegradable latex with no added fillers. This also means that they will last for days, far longer than other store-bought balloons.
You will receive a step by step guide with instructions for assembly your DIY Balloon Garlands or you can check our Instagram and Facebook pages for more videos and tips.

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