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Party in the Box

Our Party in the Box decoration packs take the stress out of organising your kid’s themed event. They are the full solution for busy people who want to host an unforgettable party experience without the effort. 

All the products you will find here have been carefully researched, designed and selected with meaning. We want your party to reflect the love and care with which these designs were created.

Kid's Birthday Party... Baby Shower... Gender Reveal Celebration...

Choose from loads of carefully-crafted themes designed by us in Australia: Mermaid, dinosaur, circus, safari, outer space, tropical beach, hippie, skate, Frozen inspired... the options are endless.

Our Party decoration kits come in three different sizes -  Essentials, Standard and Deluxe and with a pre-designed setting suggestion to make the set up quick and simple. Your party will be ready in less than 10 minutes and will look like you have an event stylist just for you! 

Party in the Box is our flagship product. It’s totally exclusive to us and you will not find a product range of fully prepared party decoration packages anywhere else.

Leave the work to us - just choose below your party theme and you’ll receive all your decorations in the supply kit. 

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